Transform Sales Tax From an Hours Long Ordeal to a One-Click Move

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If you were to put together a sales tax filing to-do list, it would probably look something like this:

1.) Figure out which states you have sales tax nexus in (for Amazon sellers, this can be 14 states and counting plus your home state) 

2.) Register for a sales tax permit in those states 

3.) Make sure you’re collecting sales tax from buyers in each of those states within all the platforms you sell on 

4.) Figure out when to file in those states 

5.) Figure out HOW to file in those states – paper? Internet? 

6.) Compile how much sales tax you collected in each state over each period. This could include pulling and compiling reports from all the platforms you sell on, from FBA to eBay to your own website 

7.) For destination-based sales tax states, figure out how much sales tax you collected in each jurisdiction in that state, plus deal with any special jurisdictions 

8.) Actually file sales tax! 

This is an 8-step checklist, and none of these steps are any fun. Worse for a business owner, none of these steps are making you money! Luckily, there is now a much easier way to deal with sales tax with TaxJar. 

1.) Easily integrate one time with the platforms you sell on, like FBA, eBay, Square, PayPal, Bigcommerce, Shopify, and others so you can see how much sales tax you’ve collected at a glance. 

2.) Show you how much sales tax you actually collected vs. how much you should have collected 

3.) Allow you to tell TaxJar when you started having sales tax nexus in a state so you don’t remit too much sales tax to any given state 

4.) Remind you when your sales tax filings are due 

5.) Give you a handy report with all the information you need to fill out your sales tax returns. Even in those pesky destination-based states!

But today, we’re happy to introduce something even better–we'll file sales tax for you.
That’s right, as of today TaxJar will now file your sales tax returns for you in 26 states and counting.

You enroll in AutoFile from TaxJar and we do the rest. 

This includes:

1.) Emailing you and letting you know how much you owe to each state 

2.) Filing your sales tax return for you 

3.) Paying the amount you owe directly from your bank account 

4.) Confirm when your AutoFile is complete 

This means no more logging into your state’s department of revenue, filling out long sales tax returns, whipping out your credit card, and in general spending hours doing what TaxJar can do for you in minutes. 

Let us handle filing your sales tax for you so you can get back to doing what you do best. Try a 30-day free trial of TaxJar and see how much time you save on sales tax!