What is a Resident Agent?

resident agent

About the Resident Agent (RA)

When you register a new or existing entity to transact business in any state you are required to have a Resident Agent in that state. The function of a Resident Agent is new to most business owners. Below is a summary of what a Resident Agent is and what role he plays for your business. 

A Resident Agent serves as the legal point of contant for "Service of Process". Essentially all important legal and tax documents are sent to the RA on behalf of a business. 

Resident Agent requirements:

  • Physical Address. The RA must be available during normal business hours and have a physical address in the state P.O. boxes and private rented mailboxes are not accepted as a physical address.
  • Publicly-Accessible. The RA’s address must be open to the public. 
  • Appointed Resident Agent. Individuals can act as the RA for your business. However, your company can't act as its own RA. 
  • Resident Agent Service Provider. Tax Alli can act as your professional resident agent service provider.

*A Resident Agent is also know as a Registered Agent or just RA for short.