5 Inexpensive Ways Your Small Business can go Green

Go Green

Green initiatives, regulations, and campaigns reach every corner of the business world these days. You’re concerned about the long term impact humanity has on the environment, of course, but your more immediate concern is making sure that your small business succeeds and thrives. Saving the environment and building up your one-man show don’t have to be mutually exclusive, however. As more businesses go green, the ability to implement environmentally friendly business practices becomes significantly easier. From wider accessibility of green products to tax incentives related to environmentally friendly improvements. 

Go green and improve your business with these five inexpensive methods:

Ditch the paperwork.

Transition to a mostly paperless office by incorporating digital record keeping into your business practices. The rising popularity of tablet computers makes this easier than ever, as you can set up a mobile accessible system that allows you to take all of your data on-site. You can also have customers enter their data directly on the tablet to streamline the entire information gathering and ordering process. 

Examine eco-friendly packaging options.

Post consumer waste paper uses recycled paper to create a variety of packaging, paper, and other products. It may end up being slightly more expensive than going with the cheapest bulk option, but it provides long term benefits in the long run and adds another unique selling point to your small business. 

Add easily accessible recycling bins around the office.

Even if you only have a handful of employees, or you’re an independent contractor, you create recyclable waste that shouldn’t go in the trash. Staying on top of the recycling in your work space only takes a bit of thought and not a lot in the way of investment. 

Change out the lights.

Instead of sticking with old school incandescent bulbs, look into LED lights or compact florescent options. Changing out the light bulbs is an inexpensive option that directly translates to cost savings for your small business over time with decreased energy costs, while also benefiting the environment. 

Tax credits for going green.

If you’re running your small business out of your home, two residential tax credits are available that provide incentives for implementing green and energy efficient changes within your home. The first is for using renewable energy sources for power, and the second is replacing older equipment with energy efficient options.