5 Ways to Mess Up Hiring

hiring process

Often times when things go south with an employee, the first instinct is to blame the employee. Unfortunately, what many business owners and hiring managers need to realize is that it might not be their fault. Maybe, just maybe, they hired the wrong person.

Finding the right talent with the experience, qualities and ambition that you want in an employee is difficult at best. To top it off, you have plenty of other tasks on your plate to distract you from finding that perfect person. Yet when it comes to hiring quality employees that will determine the success of your company, there are no shortcuts. You have to put the time and energy into finding the person who will be an asset to your team. 

Instead of talking about what you need to do to find that perfect hire, let’s talk about what not to do. Avoiding these 5 common mistakes that mess up the hiring process is a good start in connecting with that ideal employee. 

1. Hiring Too Quickly

One of the biggest mistakes hiring managers make is hiring a person too fast before talking to their entire list of qualified applicants. Don’t fast-forward through the process. Talk to all of your short-list applicants; it is professional, courteous and the smart way to build a rapport with these candidates. 

2. Too little screening 

Screening is essential to finding the right hire; without it, you are wasting time talking to people who are not qualified or a good fit for the position or your company. 

3. Too Much Screening 

Screening too fervently can also damage your candidate pool. Make sure to set realistic criteria for candidates to meet when creating your short list. Be careful of inadvertently screening based on factors like age, race, or gender; not only is it illegal, you may be short-changing your pool of some excellent candidates. 

4. Ineffective Interview Questions 

Asking the right questions during the interview to uncover the perfect employee is an art. Try to hone your questions based on what the position will require. Presenting essay questions to a programmer or technical questions to a PR person would waste time and not get the answers you need. 

5. Not Checking Backgrounds

A big mistake is hurrying through the hiring process without finishing the background checks. This can be a costly mistake. Follow through with checking backgrounds and credentials, regardless of how marvelous the candidate’s references and qualifications are.

No one said hiring was easy; however, getting it right can pay off in large dividends to your company! It is worth the effort to do the recruitment process right from start to finish, making each hire an investment in the success of your business.