6 Great Email Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Put Your Brand on the Map

Great Email Marketing

By Austin Miller, Content Marketing Manager

Email marketing provides businesses with a direct avenue to communicate with their fans and followers. Email is a part of people's everyday lives. This makes it one of the easiest ways to reach your fans. It thrives because of its universal and familiar nature. With that said, here are six great email marketing strategies that are guaranteed to help grow your brand.

1.Harness the power of transactional emails

Via  Giphy

Via Giphy

Never underestimate the power of transactional emails. Transactional emails are often plain text files that are sent after a visitor performs an action on your website, like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. The thing is, transactional emails don't have to be so plain. You can customize a transactional email as much as you want. Link them back to your site or link them on social media, show them special offers, or just give them a simple, personal thank you. Make your transactional emails stand out as much as your regular emails.

2.Personalize emails without using your followers' names

Email marketing 101 dictates that your messages should not read like bank statements. They should be personal and sincere. You want your followers to open your emails because they recognize you as a human being, and not as a corporation. But at the same time, don't make your emails too personal by using the recipient's name in the heading. Coming off as too personal can actually turn people off from opening your email. Email headings that use people's real names can also look like spam. Instead, personalize the emails you send based on a customer's preferences or search and purchase history.

3.Create emails that are triggered by events


You don't only have to email your subscribers when you have something new to promote. Give yourself more reasons to reach out to your subscribers. Emails that are triggered by things like birthdays or sign-up anniversaries are one way to go. Use these emails to thank or congratulate your subscribers. Emails like these can help you build rapport with your customers and is one way of showing them that you care about their support. Make sure stay appraised of the abundant suite of marketing automation tools available on the market.

4.Send emails at around 8:00 pm to midnight

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Email allows you to worm your way into people's daily schedules. But the best email marketing campaigns aren't sent in the early morning. They're sent at night. Emails sent at 8:00 pm to midnight have the best chance of being opened. This may have something to do with the fact that your readers are winding down in the evening and are much more likely to make purchases or interact with your brand at around that time. It is still however a good idea to perform tests, to really find out the best times to send emails based on your brand and niche.

Keep it simple and neat

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The cleaner your email looks, the more likely it will leave an impression on your readers. Emails should be neat to look at and your readers should have no problem finding what they need at a glance. Include a brief initial description to hook them in. Then add a clear call to action that is easy to perform. And lastly include links to your website and social media. Keep your design and formatting consistent across multiple emails.

Avoid long subject lines

Creating great email marketing subject lines is a tricky thing. You don't want them to be too long, but if they're too short you may not be able to capture your reader's attention. Finding the right length for your subject lines can be tricky. The general rule however is that subject lines above 70 characters provide the best click-through rates, while shorter ones have higher open rates. Now it's a question on whether you want to boost interaction through an improved click-through rate, or if you simply want to improve brand awareness by increasing open rates.

Email marketing is a highly competitive landscape, but that is mainly because of how effective it is. Practice these strategies and your email marketing campaign should have no problem generating interest in your brand.