6 Website Mistakes Small Business Owners Make (And How to Avoid Them)

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We’ve all come across some broken, boring or just plain garish websites in our day. In today’s increasing digital world, where shoppers often look at your website before deciding whether to do business with it, it’s imperative that your small business website hits all the right notes. Some websites really “have it,” while some fall flat. We’ve compiled a few mistakes to avoid if you want your website to really appeal to your target customer: 

1. Complex navigation

When are you open? What products do you sell? Your customers have no clue because you’ve made your website so hard to navigate! Maybe your menu bar is in a weird font or your search bar is miniscule. Whatever you’re doing, it isn’t working and customers bounce off your website scratching their heads. 

2. No images

What do most people do when confronted with a wall of text? They may try to decipher it for a bit, but most walk away. As bandwidths increase and load times speed up, your customers expect more from you. Break up text walls with appealing visuals and a snappy company logo. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

3. Lack of “negative space”

 Is every inch of your website cluttered with text and images? That can be just as bad as having no images at all. Keep the rule of thirds in mind when designing your website and leave negative space so your reader isn’t overwhelmed with a tidal wave of information after clicking over to your site. 

4. Lack of keywords

Wait, didn’t we just tell you not to overwhelm your reader with text? Yes, that’s true. But your website should include at least the basics of content. Make sure your web content says, at the very least, what your business does, about you, where you’re located and how to contact you. Even better, include a blog to give your visitors helpful information about your business and products. While Google seems bound and determined to push people away from typical “search engine optimization” behaviors, it’s also true that your keywords count! 

5. Broken links

Your customer seems something interesting on your website, clicks it and immediately sees… “404 page not found.” Well, that’s okay, she’ll just try another page… Same deal. Another broken link. Nothing frustrates your potential like clicking a link and finding… nothing. Do a periodic check to ensure the links your website sends your customers to still work. If not, you’ll lose credibility and trust. And speaking of credibility and trust, don’t make this biggest website mistake of all… 

6. Not having a website

Sixty-one percent of global internet users research products online before purchasing. And only 67% of local businesses are taking advantage of marketing to their customers online. (There are a lot more eye-opening small business stats where that came from.) If you have the chance to stand out, why not do it? Don’t make the essential website mistake. Get started marketing online! We love our TaxAlli customers. Leave a link to your website in the comments so we can have a look!"