7 Tips for Making This Holiday Season Your Most Successful Yet


The eCommerce sellers I know view the holiday season with a mixture of high-flying elation and bone deep dread. One on hand, a successful fourth quarter can tip the bottom line into the black and lay a foundation for a very happy New Year. On the other hand, the constant sourcing, marketing, packing, shipping, question-answering, and bookkeeping can make for a non-stop marathon. Who has time to enjoy the holidays with all that going on?

We put together a few tips for online sellers who wish to avoid the marathon and still enjoy a lucrative holiday season! 

1. Set goals

To get where you’re going, know where you’ve been. Look over your holiday sales for the past few years and notice trends. Are they generally steady? Up by 10% year over year? Use these numbers to make a holiday sales goal. You’ll be inspired to work just that much harder to hit your target. 

2. Hire help

You won’t hit your sales goals if you burn the candle at both ends. But you also don’t want to spend too much of your hard earned revenue on contractors. Check out your weekly sales reports from past years. You’ll see when you tend to make most of your sales, and you can hire someone to help with fulfillment or customer service just during those times. It’s a win/win! 

3. Decorate for the holidays

Your customers are excited about scoring those holiday bargains. Show them you’re hyped for the holidays, too, but decorating your website and social media accounts with holiday colors, a new banner, or another festive embellishments. They’ll think of “gift giving” as soon as they spot your new and improved holiday presence. 

4. Create top seller lists

Your shoppers may not make the time to browse your whole website. Make their holiday gift buying job easy but creating best seller lists or other “top lists.” Get as creative as you want, such as “Top Gifts for Mom” or “Best Sellers By State” to encourage your users to browse your site and quickly find the gifts they want to buy. 

5. Bundle products

Surely you have two or three products that go better together? If you’re a bookseller, bundle several books by the same author together. Sell stocking stuffers? Why not include the stocking? Or make like Amazon and other retail giants and suggest other items once a customer places an item in his cart. 

6. Offer add-on services

Offer to include gift wrapping or a pre-written card for a small fee. You’ll help your customers manage their own holiday hassles and they’re sure to thank (and remember!) you for it. 

7. Revisit abandoned shopping carts

Statistics hold that as many as 74% of online shopping carts are ultimately abandoned. If your eCommerce software allows it, contact your customers with full shopping carts. Remind them that now’s the perfect time to buy. For a little extra nudge, offer them a discount or coupon on the contents of the cart.