Business Tax Checklist


Meet with your bookkeeper. Making sure your books are correct is the most important thing you can do before tax season starts. The sooner you can meet with your bookkeeper, the sooner you can solve any potential errors that may exist in the books. Take the time to go through your financial statements with them. Feeling confident about the financial standing of your business will take some of the pressure off during the tax season.

Organize your bank statements. Start early by having these documents on-hand and organized. A tax preparer may request your statements to ensure that all of your business expenses and income are reflected properly in the bookkeeping. Being prepared beforehand will also save you time in the event that your books need to be altered.

Figure out which form is right for you. Knowing which tax forms are specific to your entity will help you know what type of information you will need to have handy for your tax preparer.


Here are some organizational resources:

S-Corporation Organizer

Partnership/Multi-Member LLC Organizer

C-Corporation Organizer

Sole Proprietor/Single-Member LLC

Individual Organizer


Filling out these documents and having the associated documentation before meeting with your tax preparer will expedite the process. The process can be completed twice as fast if you sign up with KPMG Spark for their bookkeeping and tax preparation services.

Know the important deadlines. Knowing your tax deadline will help you know how much time you have before you get slapped with a penalty. Your deadline will depend on your entity type:



Original Due Date

Partnerships, S Corporations, and LLC’s

March 15, 2018

C Corporations and Individuals (Includes Single Member LLC or Sole Proprietorships)

April 17, 2018

Exempt Organizations*

May 15, 2018

You will also want to keep in mind the due date for employee W-2 and Contract Labor 1099’s: January 31st, 2018

Schedule an early appointment with your tax preparer. This single action will put you far ahead of most. Bring all your necessary documents to this meeting, including your financial statements. Your tax preparer should be able to tell you what information may be missing. When you return for your actual tax consultation you will be fully confident that you have all the necessary documentation. Try to schedule this appointment as soon as you can into the new year. This will give you more time to prepare and will allow you a better chance to meet with your tax advisor before they get sucked into the tax season.

Shayler Stagg manages the books for 45 small businesses from various industries at KPMG Spark, is an avid reader of Greek philosophers, and is a huge Metallica fan. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Traeger Grills Talks Office Life and Building a Cult Following

By Austin Miller, Content Marketing Manager

In the 80's Joe Traeger invented the wood pellet BBQ grill. And though it's design resembled traditional smokersit included a hardwood pellet hopper in place of the traditional side-mounted firebox. This small but revolutionary changed has helped to create a cult-following and passionate fanbase (especially in the Pacific Northwest). 

Grill talk aside, it's no longer the 80'sand not only is Traeger Grills still here some 30 odd years later (a formidable feat of its own), its new CEO Jeremy Andrus is helping take it to the next level.  

You guys have a killer looking office. Did you have a designer? Or did it just come together organically?

We partnered with Method Studio and Henricksen Butler to help us capture the vision. We wanted a space that was reflective of our purpose bringing people together to create a more flavorful world. We have a state-of-the-art indoor kitchen/classroom/studio which is used for broadcast recording, public grilling and barbecue classes and dining events.

What would you attribute your awesome growth to?

We stand in the fire by being innovative and testing the status quo. We have invested in our product, facilities and team to match and fuel the passion our consumers have for our product.

How's the vibe at Traeger HQ? It seems like there would be a lot of fun activity with all those grills lying around…

We get a lot of people asking ‘when do you guys open?’ thinking that we are a restaurant when they see the grills smoking on our patio and end up getting little tour of the office, their next question is usually ‘are you guys hiring?’. 
Those grills are going all the time! We have always ready grills so people can throw their lunch on a Traeger, go back to work and have a delicious lunch… that is of course, when our chefs aren’t already cooking lunch for the team. 

What was the reason for Traeger’s move from Portland to SLC?

After the ownership change in 2014, it became obvious that the culture and team morale had been neglected for some time. In order to disrupt the BBQ industry, we needed the right people and the right atmosphere. Utah is a great place to run a business and we’ found a home in Sugarhouse.


Every day! We have 4 full-time chefs on staff that are always testing recipes for photoshoots and cooking for our team. We eat together at least 3 times every week. 


Does Traeger Have a Business Philosophy?

We win with team and culture. The rest can be taught but coming to work everyday surrounded by like minded people all looking to do remarkable things is the foundation of our business philosophy.  Momentum begets momentum.  
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Utah's Top 5 Workspaces

By Austin Miller, Content Marketing Manager

Recently we set out to find the best office spaces in our own backyard. We discovered a lot of great workspaces here in Utah Valley, but in the end only 5 could make the cut. Here they our, our nominees for Utah's best office digs. 

Movement Ventures

A bit of an anachronism, Movement Venture's young and hip workspace is surrounded by a collective of old buildings located off historic Lehi Main St. Movement Ventures is a collective of companies that focuses on social media engagement with awesome products like Qzzr, and Boombox. Their welcoming atmosphere and creative touches make for one of the coolest offices in the valley.


With nearly 70% of the marketshare, SilencerCo is no greenhorn in the firearm suppressor space. The only office on this list with a sign in sheet and an armoryyou're constantly reminded that you're not dealing with a run of the mill 9-5 suit and tie kind of company. Their mantra may be "Fight the Noise"but their office digs show a company that is anything but reserved. SilencerCo is based in West Valley, UT.  

Studio McGee

You won't find any shooting ranges or ping pong tables here. But what you will find, is the most refined and elegant office of the bunch. But what else would you expect from the SLC design studio that's been featured in everything from Domino Magazine to Better Homes and Gardens? Bright, welcoming, and with a team just as stylish as their workspaceit's no wonder Studio Mcgee makes it into our list of top 5 work spaces in Utah. 

Studio McGee Gallery Photo Credit: Lindsay Salazar

Super Top Secret

The in your face marketing agency Super Top Secret has an office to match their personality. Everything you lay your eyes on oozes cool. It's both unapologetic and refined, housing a mini-ramp, custom artwork, and a full blown librarySuper Top Secret carves out its niche as one of the most edgiest and workable offices on this list. Super Top Secret is based in SLC, UT.


You can't hardly mention "CRM" without the name Infusionsoft popping up. The Arizona based company has their satellite office based in the tech friendly city of Lehi, UT. But you would never know this wasn't their flagship office. Replete with a cereal bar, a ping pong table, and an indoor basketball court where employees enjoy playing "Around the World"—Infusionsoft definitely earns a spot as one of the best looking offices and coolest places to work in the Silicon Slopes.