Customer Service: 6 Tiny Things You Can Change to Make a Huge Difference

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When it comes to interacting with your customers, it’s not always the giant changes that get noticed. It’s sometimes the little things that make the biggest differences. Try the following seven tricks and see if it doesn’t put a little extra pep in your customers’ step!

1. Say “Thanks”

It’s unbelievable that such a small thing could be so crucial, but there’s a reason the term “thank you effect" exists. Simply thanking the customer once in a while during an interaction can immediately endear them to you. 

Naturally you don’t want to say it during every sentence as it will become meaningless. However, thanking them for information they provide or even for being a customer can make your company stand out from the crowd. 

2. Follow Up

Did you have a customer with a unique, hard-to-fix problem? After you got off the phone or finished up the email conversation you may have had the nagging feeling not everything was right. Instead of letting it go, why not follow up with them to see if everything is ok? Even if nothing’s wrong it just reminds them why they love your company so much. 

3. Define Goals

Do you want your team to improve on certain areas? Don’t just say “be faster,” outline a series of steps they can take to accomplish this. For example, list out things like “answer emails within 30 minutes or less” or mark out a schedule for phone calls. Being specific can let your team reach for the stars and improve the whole business as a result. 

4. “Eat Your Own Dog Food”

Want to know what your customers are going through? How can you truly know if you don’t use your own products? Empathy is one thing, but sympathy is yet another – if you know for instance that your cell phone app has a tendency to fail during thunderstorms (for some reason!), you can tell them how to create a workaround.
You may not be your own target customer, but you should use your own products or services anyway, i.e. “Eat your own dog food.” 

5. Ask How to Improve

Most customers have ideas on how your company can improve. Always be asking them how they use your product or service and how you can make it better for their needs. You’ll discover new use cases and maybe even some golden opportunities along the way. 

6. Listen!

In so many of our conversations with customers we tend to shut our ears off. We think we know what’s going to be said so we ignore the details just to keep things moving along. What this does, though, is limit our understanding of the real situation.
While many times the customer WILL say exactly what we think they will, sometimes they won’t. In these cases we really need to open our ears and listen instead of assuming too much. This can help all of us resolve problems much faster and create a happier customer base.