Small Business Saturday: Ways to Support Your Fellow Small Businesses

small business owner

Supporting Small Business

Since 2010, the American Express® sponsored Small Business Saturday® has encouraged consumers to take a day to shop at small and local businesses. 

Shopping small supports the local economy, keeps tax dollars in your local area and pays the salary of a friend or neighbor. Here are a few ways we dug up that you can support your fellow small businesses this time of year: 

Shop Small

Embrace the core tenant of Small Business Saturday® and instead of doing your shopping at the big box stores, check out a small, locally owned business. Or consider buying from a small seller through a website like Etsy or eBay. Better yet, this Small Business Saturday, many retailers are getting into the act and offering discounts or specials! 

Recommend to Family and Friends

Small businesses may not be able to compete with the big guys as far as fancy marketing campaigns or advertising dollars, so they have to rely on providing a great product or service and letting word of mouth do the rest. Do your part to promote a favorite small business to your friends and neighbors. 

Leave a Review

Approximately 81% of consumers search online before heading out into the world to make a purchase. This means there’s a big chance that they’ll check out online reviews for a business at sites like Yelp® or Google My Business®. If you love a local business, take the time to leave them a positive review so that others will feel more comfortable shopping there, too. 


There are plenty of ways, beyond just shopping, that you can participate in Small Business Saturday yourself. Point out American Express’s resources, such as printable signs and online registries of businesses participating in Small Business Saturday®. If you’re especially community minded, you can even be the leader in rallying your neighborhood to participate in Small Business Saturday®! 

Think beyond Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday® takes place after Black Friday to capitalize on holiday shopping trends. But that doesn’t mean you should think of small businesses only on their holiday. Think about how else you can support your local economy. Could you buy your bread from a local baker rather than the grocery store? The bread will often be fresher (and probably tastier!) Find ways to replace your big box store spending with small business alternatives.