Sweet Peach Kids—How one Entrepreneur Turned her Expensive Shopping Habit Into a Business

Sweet Peach Kids got its start earlier this year by 'mommypreneuer' Laura Miller. Although a fairly new shop, it's already been featured by several prominent bloggers and has continuously sold out of its marquee pieces. 

What is Sweet Peach and how'd you come up with the idea for it?

Sweet Peach Kids is an online boutique where you can find clothes as sweet as your little one at an affordable price. I came up with the idea when my obsession for shopping for my own little girl was getting out of hand. I was having a hard time finding quality pieces without the high end price tags.

How do you manage being a full time mom and business owner?

I am definitely still trying to figure this one out, ha!  For me it's been A LOT of very late nights and early mornings. Also, having an extremely supportive husband definitely helps.

Your photos look great, and as we all know kids can be a bit crazy when it comes to taking directions. How do you go about your photoshoots? Is it hard to make the kids pose?

Thank you!  I have learned that there are three things to making a successful photo shoot:

  •  ALWAYS hire a professional photographer who is great with kids
  •  Come super prepared with more than what you think is needed. For example: extra hair pins, backup clothes, props, shoes etc.
  • 3 bring bribes! (I find candy works the best.)

Photographing little ones is a challenge but always so worth it in the end.  

What's been your biggest challenge in running a children's clothing line so far?

The biggest challenge for me is the business side of things. The creative comes to me pretty naturally, but there are far more things that go into running your own business than I had ever imagined. 

What advice could you give to other stay-at home moms and dads who would like to run a business and grow a business?

Just go for it!  Realize that there will be some sleepless nights, and some days that the dishes just won't get done, but I promise it's so worth it. There's definitely a certain amount of pride that comes with being able to say "I did that." 

What are some of your favorite apps you use to manage your business?

I couldn't live without Shipstation, it has made organizing my business and my orders so easy.  Obviously Instagram has been huge for my business (it is by far my biggest marketing platform). And when it comes to editing photos for my feed, I really love Pic-Tap-Go. 

Where can we find you?

You can find me at sweetpeachkids.com or on Instagram @sweetpeachkids.   


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