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The Top 5 Small Business Apps From 2015 you Might Have Missed

2015 apps

By Austin Miller, Content Marketing Manager

We've chosen 5 essential apps to make sure you're business has every weapon at its disposal before heading into the new year.

1. Layout

via  iTunes

via iTunes

This is not the first collage app. But it is an elegantly designed one that adds a new twist on traditional collage apps by allowing you to resize frames and pictures by interacting with the screen. This special feature adds an extra layer of customization that similar apps simply don't have.

This app is perfect for small businesses looking to freshen up their visual content.

Layout is also the creation of Instagram Inc., which means you can count on a bright future full of updates to keep this app fun and fresh.

Itunes Description:

Choose photos from your camera roll—or use the built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots—and instantly see them laid out in various combinations. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own.
Layout's smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control. Tap to mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize. You're the editor, so get creative—tell a story, show off an outfit or just splice, dice and change the look of your regular photos to convey a mood or theme. 

2. Bookly

bookkeeping app

Full disclosure, this is our app (insert mandatory self-plug joke here). But irregardless of whose app this is, it undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list. 

The Bookly app gives business owners the ability to constantly be in touch with a designated bookkeeper. Unlike traditional accounting models, there are no hourly fees, contracts, or paperwork. Like Netflix, it’s based on a subscription model built to undercut its respective industry’s archaic business model.

This revolutionary process allows small business owners unlimited access to an accountant without the fear of hourly fees. Questions, transactions, and payroll can all be addressed from the touch of a button. Unlike its competitors, Bookly isn’t just a bookkeeping interface, it’s also a service. Whereas with similar platforms the users is required to enter data and possess a basic understanding of accounting—with Bookly this is all done by the bookkeeper. 

Allowing a free exchange of information between the accountant and business owner adds a personal touch to software not readily found elsewhere. 

The app is free, the service is not. To learn more about the service offerings and to get a free thirty day trial, click here.

3. Robinhood 

via  iTunes

via iTunes

Like the Khan Academy (which hopes to put the power of education in the hand of its users), Robinhood hopes to put the power of financial trading in the hands of the people. In other words—Robinhood allows its users to trade stocks without paying fees to a middle man. It’s so simple that it makes us wonder where this app has been in the years preceding 2015. 

Itune's Description:

- Free trading refers to $0 commissions for Robinhood Financial self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities via mobile devices. SEC & FINRA regulatory fees may apply.
- Access market data and quotes in real-time
- Build a personalized stock watch list with historical market data and detailed charts
- Place market, limit, stop loss, stop limit, and good till canceled orders
- Track your portfolio through our Notification Center widget
- Quickly tell when the markets are open and closed, with simple color schemes

4. Adobe Photoshop Mix 

via iTunes

via iTunes

Despite being the Tabby Award and 2015 Judges’ & User’s Choice winner, Adobe Photoshop Mix is an app that might not have got as much buzz as some of the more flashier apps this year (*cough* Periscope), but nonetheless is an essential for any business looking to produce beautiful content on a budget. 

Itunes Description:

Photoshop Mix makes it quick and easy to transform your photos anywhere you are. Cut out, combine and seamlessly blend pictures to create sophisticated multilayered images. Apply one of over a dozen Looks to select areas or your whole photo. Share with friends for fun. And refine photos further or incorporate them into other creative projects by accessing them inside new Photoshop Fix or sending them to Photoshop CC on your desktop. 

Adobe Photoshop Mix provides an easy to use interface so that even novices can easily make classic edits that the more robust Photoshop software is capable of. One of the more popular capabilities of the app is the ability to cut out objects from photos and juxtapose them with others. It might take a little bit to get used to, but once you get a hang of it, it will be sure to be one of your go-to’s when it comes to photo editing. 

5. Khan Academy

via iTunes

These past few years, there has been a chasmic shift towards independent and free education. Podcasts, video courses, and apps all provide free learning resources. One of the biggest driving forces behind this movement is value-based marketing.

Essentially, the Khan Academy is like carrying a university in your pocket. Are you a solo-preneuer who needs to acquire a bunch of new skills to become profitable? Do you need some brushing up on math skills you haven’t used since the 12th grade? The Khan Academy provides all of these things and more in an easy to use environment. You can bookmark content so that you can easily revisit lessons. Best of all? It’s free!


- You can learn anything — for free: Over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertips in math, science, economics, history, and much, much more
- Quickly find what you need: Redesigned navigation and search make it faster to find what you want  
- Keep learning even when you’re offline: Bookmark your favorite content to “Your List” (phone only) for easy access, and download it to keep learning even when you’re not connected to the internet. 
- Pick up where you left off: Your learning syncs between your Android and, so your progress is always up-to-date